BBC Radio 2 “Austin Gold are ones to watch.”


Planet Rock Radio “Ones to watch” on front page of website


Planet Rock Mag. “They sound mighty impressive on their debut album, owing to a winning formula that mixes swampy blues rock with sky-scraping choruses.”


Classic Rock Mag. “High Hopes - tight and impressive. For fans of Bad Company.”


Guitarist Mag. “Due for a serious breakthrough. “Before Dark Clouds” is the vehicle for the band’s deserved success.”


Get Ready To Rock - Breakthrough Act 2017 “They have a bright future with real crossover potential. A remarkably consistent debut.” Pete Feenstra


Get Ready To Rock - Watch out 2018! “a talented band with a great debut album mixing rock, prog and blues.” David Randall


Total Guitar Mag. “Tracks like ‘Another Kinda Bad’ channel a Morello meets Bonamassa approach to electric blues. For fans of Black Country Communion.”


Fireworks Mag. “Highly impressive. Austin Gold have crafted a strong debut album with well written & produced material that lays the foundations for a promising future.”


Rhythm Mag. “Playing riff-heavy classic blues rock with more hooks than a fisherman’s convention, “Before Dark Clouds” is packed with Hammond‘n’Guitar soulful southern-rock style tunes.”


Maverick “If you like good solid rock, then check it out.”

Blues in Britain “Before Dark Clouds” is an eclectic patchwork of styles & colours assembled to form an interesting picture.”

Blues in Britain - Dublin Castle Camden live review “Austin Gold’s polished blues rock left several Camdenistas jaw-dropped in disbelief.”

Powerplay Mag. “Solid & extremely enjoyable. This is a young band who deserve your attention.”


R2 Mag “Expressive vocals & a nifty line in riff-based rockers, with the title track reminiscent of Cream.”


Rock Society “Before Dark Clouds” is a positive opening statement for the band which will spread their name further & wider. Superb lead vocals, lovely guitar touches, gorgeous harmony backing vocals & soulful keyboards.”


Blues in the South “If they get the breaks, this band are going to make it big, big, big.”


Metaltalk "Perfectly balanced collection of great songs that suggest that these young Peterborough princes are solid gold contenders to King King's throne."


Music 5/5 “One of the most accomplished & complete debut albums from a UK band in a long time.”


Metal Discovery “Very professional & produced debut with some absolutely top notch songs.”


Music News “This is a cracker of an album. Playing is excellent, songs have great hooks, Dave Smith has a fine, powerful voice & the band’s sound incorporates many influences without ever becoming slavishly attached.”


Plunger “Judging by this album, it’s apt that Austin Gold are on the Jigsaw label.”


Rhythm & Booze “Producing an album of this quality bodes well for the future, they have all the necessary credentials to establish a big following in the rock world.”


Music “This album is beautifully played & constructed & it’s a whole lot of fun.”


Total Music Mag. “Before Dark Clouds is completely chock full of proper big meaty anthemic old school rock.”


The Rocker “Austin Gold know how to perform to their strengths and they’ve honed their sound well. When the guitars fire up an early Bad Company riff then there is no reason to doubt that they will do well in the UK and European blues and rock circuit.”


Rock and Roll online “From the wistful, introspective lyrics, to the fabulous guitar solos and enchanting melodies, it’s a real gem and one of the best albums I’ve heard this year.”

FIREWORKS Mag. “There’s good reason to believe that word about the band is reaching a wider audience & with their sound steeped in classic Blues tradition but still rocking hard, they have the talent to back up any hype. With a rich Hammond & classy twin axe attack & excellent vocals from songwriter David Smith, then it would be wrong not to suggest that this lot might just have struck…well you know what!!”


MUSIC NEWS “They really nail their creds to the mast. Strong & impassioned vocals, they make a big noise, riff full & backed up with strong stirring keyboards & the rhythm section are one of the most powerful around at the moment.”


POWER PLAY Mag. 10/10 “It should be massive. We Are Lightning is a chest beater & big classic rock surround”


VELVET THUNDER Austin Gold can be proud of a storming collection of new songs, showcasing their traditional, lo-fi rock along with some crunching riffs.


HiFi WORLD “ Think FM Radio, Stadium Rock: Boston, Foreigner, Styx, Asia…”


CLASSIC ROCK “Streamlined athems which showcase David James Smith’s full-throttle voice, locating them more closely in the Free’s Brit-Rock linage”.


METAL TALK Ramblin Man live “The songs have the drive of modern-day rock gods, like the Foo Fighters, while retaining the melody and feel of classic rock. A very impressive way to kick-off the day from a band, with the Midas touch”.


RECORD COLLECTOR Ramblin Man “They opened the mainstage on Sunday with neat subtle rock”


MUSIC RIOT “It’s a robust flavour with the nuances of Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy & Wishbone Ash (with just a lingering aftertaste of Black Sabbath. Absolutely nothing is overdone, the songs are melodic & run their course, maybe with a solo or two & they end. The Hammond and keys contribute to the overall sound, the guitar riffs are simple, loud & effective & they know how to write an anthem or two”.

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